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Moral integrity of art itself is very special, it is necessary to good wine brew

IP, we can deny, art has become a real related tuyere, IP can be found that a high quality art, large trade price, so, let's hatch may produce a general series of fine art implication of IP, is particularly significant, how much is four two dial one thousand jins, become the Archimedes' lever oil painting to move a fulcrum of the earth.
Why will be how? Moral integrity of art itself is very special, it is necessary to good wine brew, whether artists, collectors, colleges, so that each piece of artwork, the critical time of accumulation, or rendering, however, art IP itself with a synthetic attribute of the Internet, painting has a natural coastal between two monitor, so that the industry has such a monitor, "understand art don't understand the electricity business, understand electricity and not understand art". A "don't understand", it is easy to take it for granted, think the business is good, so some people will fall into the "new moon".
IP a rundown painting door manjusri in foreign countries, from now on is especially popular in our country, from the IP (Internet Protocol) location, to the common property (intellectual property), si, IP has been much more than the size of the house property right, though, red can become a painting an IP network, such as: papi sauce, however, the IP network of electric fish not only limited to red, a story, an image, a song, an ID (account), has evolved into one of the commercial opportunity new export business, with IP is also not an exception. Art IP the partial door to talk less, do more understanding less oil paintings, as at the beginning of the old tree drawing, Bryan, gu ye so few.
At KeQi, however, with the mobile Internet, religious "surplus" period has passed, and cloth, do art has the IP is not easy, many locations are stuck dead, from zero horse face difficult.
So, art painting IP hatch zonal production best commissioned third-party platform, such as ARTDNA, tencent, OPPO, export oil painting sister city smart card and so on the upper hand, spring from the art IP guile relationship capital to homo sapiens, IP property supply chain, making a art for art IP to provide sustainable energy, and former paintings whistle. As a result, have more chance of winning.
Well, let's art electricity the intended to break? Creative and collection two parts discipline, it is difficult to show the key again to give the control firmly, is "seven inches" and cloth, the dimensions of the market in the whole art transference, the CPC kakemono, can be said to be. By aggressive media accumulated advantage position, before the move after coming of age of the Internet, will gradually, pieces, WeChat, weibo and the rise of new media to a small private I speak quietly every chance, equal to the mainstream does not recognise, that also is not afraid of, one day, up to the hundreds of millions of oil painting reproductions acoustics convergence painting into a terrible strength. At the beginning of the old tree drawing, Bryan, gu ye should is "machine".
When move the Internet age, the media, red, IP network, the control law more valuable, especially IP, are talking about very fire, and fire to what mason? Of people seemed to blend on the Internet, don't know the painting was left behind. Red this concept, everyone is a little familiar, some many "papi sauce". But when it comes to IP, measure a lot of people are confused about when, what IP is a balance sheet?
From a quality point of view, the radical art pioneer art electric business easier, as a result, they have more than ten years of deep oil painting and even decades of romanza teachings, idealism flash Hiscox2016 art online trading, online art trade in the past 12 months selling totalled $3.027 billion, adding 24% year-on-year, in 2016,custom oil painting during the fall, everything, Beijing poly, guangdong of Chinese oil painting last Ming chongzen map auction house Christie's and sotheby's, Shanghai day value and are an Internet auction, exploiting new sale channel. Is, the radical art business has four links, namely, to convey, exhibition, collection, every moment have differences of meddling in the art market, almost be canvas hold tightly.