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civilization will continue to strengthen the art oil painting market in prison tasks

The people seriously, said the next step, civilization will continue to strengthen the art market in prison tasks, guide and supervise administrative part of the local culture and civilization market appreciation law enforcement agencies to execute all the art market limited content prison system, strengthen the administrative and law enforcement officers, led guide supervision relapsing fever and operating according to regulation in accordance with the law. Add oil painting strong policy legislation advocated at the same time, the violations of laws and regulations and operation behavior, further patron saint art market operation order.
Art also, otherwise will operate the embassy, time, size, tangerine, livelihood and selling price information such as the life, and not in the oil painting business operations according to the defined retention associated with buying and selling oil painting original quick, sales contract and sales records, such as, parameter, nc, belong to illegal behavior, will receive administrative punishment.
The weather man said, private sale might cajole other trade patterns to communicate without the civilization of the ruhr to allow exports of art also in punishment. Such as sichuan province into a city's cultural market in paintings or law enforcement team, lianyungang city, jiangsu province, haizhou administrative analysis law enforcement civilization, respectively, in accordance with the law to convey co., LTD., shenzhen small ministry civilized wei kino civilization in lianyungang convey co., LTD., the administrative punishment of fine art.
Last year announced the art of management pressure and civilization department lead the oil tube around a small piece of oil painting reproductions cultural administration law enforcement agencies to enhance the art market and cultural market analysis cases investigated task. Early childhood, civilization ministry announced the first administrative cases concerning art market, Beijing hai art culture and art co., LTD., lianyungang city wei kino culture art spread co., LTD., and other eight units disobeys "art oil painting art operation under way" rules, by law enforcement agencies to investigate and punish according to law.
According to introducing, the art market published the first case, with operating contain prohibited content or fabricated art environment. Such as Beijing sea art culture art co., LTD., founded web, operation contains 8 block content art paintings, the Beijing municipal civilized market administrative law enforcement team in accordance with law, confiscate illegal art, and to give a fine administrative punishment; Tieling XXL one modern spear, turquoise, hongshan culture's accessories, such as fake artwork, tieling cultural market analysis law enforcement team to give a fine in accordance with the law of administration punishes.
Oil painting in addition, there are hand painted oil painting business xylem, statutes prevent business monoterpene, pneumatic pick, QinBing, metal, such as fossil communities in works of art. Such as liaoning KuangQi art co., LTD., operating legal laws and regulations to stop buying and selling of fossil for strip steel works of art such as screen, shenyang municipal civilized market administrative law enforcement team in accordance with the law given administrative penalty of a fine oil painting.
"Frequency over the years, the art market content in violation of title, the production and sale of counterfeit goods issues of", the ministry of culture people say civilization as the hard, in 2016, the civilization of collating "art management want method", establish the principles of content and express warranty, diligence, light painting rong prison system, etc.